wedding in rome


the oldest and most romantic city in the world

photographer in rome photos in the rain

wedding in rome


Your elusive instants will become unforgettable emotions

My goal is to capture the couple’s emotions in their  most important moments: their Engagement, Wedding, Honeymoon and Anniversaries!

I offer my services to modern couples, who love to express their emotions, who want a reliable professional who is able to capture unrepeatable moments and real feelings. How do I achieve this?  I choose the photographic approach defined as reportage or wedding photo journalism with a good deal of empathy.

If you are looking for a photographer who knows how to capture your emotions and your personality during the most important days of your life …

….well, you know what to do …..

wedding in rome
Capturing feelings, seizing moments, with style.
Every couple is unique, every wedding is unique …
wedding in rome
I live in Rome, I have done wedding reports in New York, South Africa, Switzerland and in various parts of Italy …

We are always traveling between Italy, the United States and Africa and we know how to take care of our customers

Girolamo & Barbara in Villa Pocci
Girolamo & Barbara wedding in Rome

Who we are

My name is Girolamo Monteleone and I specialize in wedding reportage. In 2004 I was looking for the photographer of OUR wedding together with what later became my wife, Barbara. At the time I was not a photographer and we were very confused about how to choose the right one for us. It was then that we discovered and experienced the sober, natural and spontaneous style that immediately won us over.

After our personal experience, which we found unique in its kind, I felt pushed to deepen the study of photography and reportage. Since then Barbara and I have told many stories of couples from all over the world.

Girolamo & Barbara matrimonio a New York
Girolamo & Barbara wedding in New York
Girolamo & Barbara matrimonio in Sud Africa
Girolamo & Barbara wedding in South Africa


We help couples to remember the emotions of the most important day of their life by telling their uniqueness.

Without poses, I will help them live a unique experience by capturing their feelings



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