Girolamo Monteleone is an Italian Wedding photojournalist.

If you would like to get a photoshoot in New york with your best friend, with your partner, friends, dog or family you can also ask for availability.  Ask for your photoshoot  availability  NOW!

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Girolamo Monteleone is an Italian Wedding photojournalist and from November 3 to Jenuary 5 will be in New York.

If you are getting married and are looking for something very unique, natural and emotional…. so, if you are looking for real MADE in Italy photography style you can ask for your wedding date availability NOW!

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Wedding photojournalist philosophy

A wedding photojournalist is not just a photographer. His philosophy is capture every small,deep, emotional moment that throught a picture will become unforgettable.

Girolamo Monteleone has this primary goal, and the amazing thing is that during that important day you will not feel any pressure, you will not have any stress about the photographer because he will never interfer with the natural turn of events.

Every pic is full of sentiment and help you to have an unforgettable memories of one of your most important day in your life!


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