Your elusive instants will become unforgettable emotions

My goal is to capture the couple’s emotions in their  most important moments: their Engagement, Wedding, Honeymoon and Anniversaries!

I offer my services to modern couples, who love to express their emotions, who want a reliable professional who is able to capture unrepeatable moments and real feelings. How do I achieve this?  I choose the photographic approach defined as reportage or wedding photo journalism with a good deal of empathy.

If you are looking for a photographer who knows how to capture your emotions and your personality during the most important days of your life …

….well, you know what to do …..



Capturing feelings, seizing moments, with style.

Every couple is unique, every wedding is unique …


I live in Rome, I have done wedding reports in New York, South Africa, Switzerland and in various parts of Italy …

info@girolamomonteleone.com       tel +393498144891       Via Vacuna, 96 00157 Roma
tel +393498144891
Via Vacuna, 96 00157 Roma

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