The wedding day is special and unique because you will remember it for a lifetime, remember the emotions, the tension, the joy shared with friends and relatives, look at the photos and reproduce the same feelings.

The photographer has an important role, can fit in with the emotions of the couple or it can become a source of stress and tension.

The photographer with a high level of emotional intelligence is able to resonate with the emotions of the couple, making her comfortable and keeping the enthusiasm high in a natural and spontaneous way.


I realize pictures that represent moments and moods that will affect for the rest of your life!


My name is Girolamo Monteleone and I am a wedding photographer specialized in photographic reportage services. I think marriage is a day full of emotions and feelings that can not be conditioned by the photographer, so I chose the photojournalistic approach.

This allows spouses to pull out their true feelings and to capture images that describe authentic emotions and leave an indelible mark on their hearts and minds.

Through a photojournalistic approach and a good dose of empathy my primary goal is to capture key moments, real feelings, that can tell your story and create a photographic marriage documentation in a personal way.

I consider the satisfaction of my clients very important, so it is important for me to understand what their needs, desires and what they value, so that they can fully satisfy them.

I offer my services to modern couples, who love sobriety, who want a reliable but also discreet, non-intrusive professional who tries to go unnoticed in order to capture unprecedented moments and real feelings. In order to do my service in this way I chose the photographic approach defined as reportage or photo journalism of marriage along with a good deal of empathy.

To offer a service that fully meets my clients, I have decided to limit the number of customers throughout the year and devote myself exclusively to couples who are looking for a true reportage service.


Photo journalistic style, wedding reportage


I will not ask you to lay but I will be ready to capture important moments, spontaneous expressions without fictions or constraints.

I have developed the ability to seize what is significant at the moment, highlighting – through technique – the emotional component. I empathically live the marriage with the bride and groom, capturing feelings or even anticipating the expression.

This approach requires maximum attention and engagement throughout the duration of the event.

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