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Experience and Empathy 13 years of marriage, 15 studies on emotional intelligence, international work

My name is Girolamo Monteleone and I am a wedding photographer specializing in reportage style photo shoots. I like studying the human soul, emotionality, knowing cultural and ethnic differences. I traveled a lot, I worked in the United States, Africa and China and in Italy from North to South. I speak Chinese and English enough to work;)

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Excellent professional, Available, Empathetic, Intuitive, Discreet, Creative, Invisible, Punctual, a person capable of easing the tensions of that day.


Before the wedding: available to conversations about what we wanted, on what we expected from him, the communication was simple and smooth.

During the wedding day: discretion, no intrusiveness, kindness, empathy. Despite being discreet and amiable with everyone he manages to capture every single important moment of the day, he has delivered photos of extraordinary quality, the standard of his work and professionalism are as high as possible.

After the wedding: it completely exceeded our expectations. Looking at the pictures we felt excited there again, surrounded by our friends. It was exactly what we were looking for and we are extremely satisfied.

Che tipo di fotografo stai cercando?


Un fotografo di matrimonio deve sviluppare diverse abilità.

La capacità di percepire e catturare le emozioni, la creatività, laffidabilità, la capacità di offrire un risultato di alto livello, l’attenzione e cura per i dettagli, la capacità di ascoltare e osservare,  la capacità di avere la situazione sotto controllo per riuscire a fare sempre un buon lavoro. 

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My vision in brief:
Having a well-defined style and standard,
work only for customers in line with my style and standards,
have the primary goal of meeting customer expectations.

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