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If you are planning to organize your wedding, you have certainly heard about the wedding planner … but what exactly does this figure do? What is your task?

wedding planner

The figure of the wedding planner is a professional figure who deals with the planning of the wedding, helping you to organize the event in detail, leaving nothing to chance.
Working daily in the field of marriage, is updated with regard to current trends. It is therefore ready to give you appropriate advice, but always leaving room for your tastes and your personality.

wedding planner

What is the difference between wedding planners and wedding day coordinators?

The role played by these two figures is similar, but not identical:

As already mentioned, the wedding planner is the one who deals with marriage as a whole. Help and support the spouses throughout the preparation period until the long-awaited day …
– The preparations: It deals mainly with the most tedious issues (such as bureaucratic issues, the sending of invitations, the reservation of the location …) Thus leaves the couple the most pleasant tasks (such as the choice of the dress, the menu, the cake …) Nevertheless, it is able to advise the spouses also in the choice of these details. Or, if you have a particular theme in mind but do not know how to materialize it, you can easily report it to your wedding planner and he will know how to interpret it for you. He knows his field well, so he knows who to trust. It can thus help the couple avoid making the mistake of trusting the wrong person or agency.

– The wedding day: In every moment of our life, unforeseen events can happen, and unfortunately this can happen on the day of your wedding. But if you have a wedding planner at your side you have nothing to fear! This professional is able to solve the small problems in the bud. It can remedy unforeseen events that could ruin your most important day. The day of your wedding is certainly a moment of great joy, but also a day of tension … it would be a shame to cause further anxiety due to a slight problem!

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  • If instead you are a determined couple, who already has everything in mind, who does not want someone to take care of the preparations for you, but who still wants a reference figure on the wedding day, the wedding day coordinator is right for you! As the name implies, he only coordinates the wedding day and the days before.
    – Preparations: you will take care of everything! Of the location, the menu, the clothes, the favors … But you will not have to worry about the final commissions and the thousand commitments that precede the marriage, as this will be your wedding day coordinator.
    – The wedding day: you will live in everything and for all the day you have organized, but you will not be alone! If you had to meet the surprises above, you will still have an expert who will solve the problem in the bud. In this way you can enjoy the party.

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My experiences

On more than one occasion I have collaborated with wedding planners (as for the wedding of Robert and Danielle at the castle of Rosciano). It was the spouses themselves who found me on the basis of their research online and I had the pleasure to see how these professionals worked to ensure that marriage was the most serene and happy for the newlyweds. I had the pleasure of seeing real artists at work, who showed great attention in the care of every detail.

Wedding planners and wedding photographers have found themselves working together for the same purpose: to create a wedding that is unforgettable and special for the couple who have decided to declare themselves eternal love.

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