Italian wedding | Italy wedding venues

Italy is a country of great charm that attracts many foreign tourists every year, not only to visit the cities and attractions, but also to find the location for the wedding.

Italy has become destination wedding for both religious marriages and civil marriages. The first were the British and the Americans in love with the Belpaese, now couples come from the world.

In particular, the Anglo-Saxon countries always stand out, among the spouses who come to marry here many come from Australia and Ireland. Afterwards they come to celebrate the wedding in Italy from Germany, Canada, Russia, France, Brazil and Switzerland. They organize marriages in Italy also Indians and citizens of the United Arab Emirates, they are not so many in number but they organize events with higher economic impact.
Where do foreigners choose to celebrate their wedding? In villas and luxury hotels but also in restaurants, cottages and castles.

Which are the most desired regions: Tuscany, in the cities of art and in the typical villages, followed by Lombardy with Lake Como.

Other regions have recorded significant flows of destination wedding, such as Campania, Veneto for example in Venice in a historic building on the Grand Canal, and Lazio.

Do not miss the most bizarre requests such as the Spanish Steps or the Colosseum in Rome, Piazza San Marco in Venice or Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Other areas of Italy already loved by tourists coming from abroad are not excluded: Puglia, Sicily and Umbria.
Umbria is one of the most popular destinations in Italy by spouses, even foreigners, to pronounce the fateful “yes”. The green heart of Italy, which in 2012 ranked third in the national ranking among the Italian destinations preferred by foreigners  behind Tuscany  and the Amalfi coast, is increasingly becoming the destination chosen to celebrate a fairytale wedding.

Breathtaking views, unique locations and a decidedly appreciable wine and food offer make Umbria a great destination for an unforgettable wedding.

Puglia is required for weddings with many guests to celebrate in Salento in the typical farms.

Sicily for the most exclusive locations such as luxory hotels and exclusive locations such as Taormina and the islands of the Sicilian archipelagos.

Italian wedding | Italy wedding venues


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Italian wedding | Italy wedding venues
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Italian wedding | Italy wedding venues
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Italian wedding | Italy wedding venues
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