WEDDING – the REPORTAGE: What is a reportage style photo shoot?

You’ve probably already started organizing your wedding day, and how right it is that you care about who will be the photographer of your wedding and as a result will be the photos of your most important day.

If you are here to read these lines you have heard of photojournalism reportage in marriage and why it wins over other types of photo shoots. But you need clarification on this approach to marriage and you want to understand if this is really the kind of service you want for your wedding day.

Good. Do not worry, they are very normal doubts, but as such they need to be clarified. You are in the right place to get very valuable information that will surely influence the choice of your photographer.

How do you recognize a photo report?

Before giving a direct answer to this question I will explain to you which is the antagonist of photojournalistic reportage. I’m talking about posing photography. Exactly, you will never know a professional photographer who will tell you that he is willing to do both reportage and posing photography. Attention, I said professional.

Reportage is the photographic style diametrically opposed to the posing service. The goal of the reportage photographer is to capture those moments that can not be recreated with a pose. A smile, an expression of the face, a tear, a gesture. Would not it be nice if caught spontaneously?

In fact, how can a face being asked to smile convey true joy? A spontaneous photo instead involves emotionally and surely, looking at it you will experience the same emotion you felt at that time.

Can you choose the right photographer for your wedding?

The choice of the wedding photographer who performs her reportage style services will totally influence the performance of the most important day of your life. This is because this photographer is able to do his job without deciding how and what to do for the couple. A good report is a true story of marriage without any gesture or expression being forced or studied.

Not all photographers can offer a level report and not all marriages are suitable for this photographic genre. If you are a person who likes to let go and express his most sincere emotions then the report is for you. If you are a bride who pays close attention to detail and takes care of even the smallest details, even the simplest things is because you want everything to be pleasant to you in the first person, but also to others.

So for you that you are organizing your wedding with the utmost care, do not be mistaken about the choice of the photographer.

Give value to your emotions.

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