Solitaire | Engagement with ring

If you are a boy who has decided to express his love to his girlfriend and get engaged, below you will find some information that will help you.

If you’ve never heard of lonely … it’s all normal, even me, when I was your age and I wanted to formalize my love to my girlfriend I did not know anything about how, if the ring is necessary, how to give it away , in what situation … so I decided to help you so that you can be prepared in this important phase of your relationship!

What is the solitaire

The solitaire is the symbol of engagement. Mr. Charles Lewis Tiffany created the American tradition of marriage proposal accompanied by a diamond ring. Since then and for 10 generations men in love have observed this tradition.

The most important brands in terms of engagement rings are: Damiani and Tiffany & Co.

The most classic engagement rings are the solitaire, the riviera with small diamonds or the “trilogy”, composed of three diamonds symbolizing “yesterday, today and tomorrow together”.

The true meaning

It is well known that we men give so many things a different meaning than women. Maybe you do not consider the engagement ring very important, but if you keep it in mind it’s definitely not like that for your girlfriend.

The value of the ring goes beyond the monetary value of the object, of the material with which it is made and the type of stone set. For your girlfriend the engagement ring is a symbol, it is the symbol of feeling, commitment and responsibility that you want to assume towards him.

Besides the symbolic value that your girlfriend will give to the ring there is also a particular message that some stones transmit. For example, the diamond transmits durability and solidity; the ruby transmits burning love, the sapphire transmits fidelity; the emerald communicates hope; aquamarine gives the idea of wanting a lasting and happy marriage; the beryl communicates the strength of the bond of love and the opal conveys sincere love.

Where the engagement ring is worn

Traditionally, the engagement ring leads to the third finger on your left hand, because in the past it was believed that this very finger contained a vein connected directly to the heart.

How can you choose the right ring, and when can you give it to your girlfriend? I’ll explain it to you later …

Solitaire | get engaged with a ring

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