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I often use the term “international” when I describe some of my reports on articles on my site. This is not to give me a “tone” but only to describe a particularity of some phases of my profession, and how a good use of the internet can change the approach to work.

I’ll tell you my story, you might be interested in …


I was in New York for a few months between 2015 and 2016, and I wanted to continue working as I did from Rome, continue to take jobs through my site, respond to emails, conclude contracts in the same way as from Rome.

Everything went very well, and today I have completed some of the work started, so I can write real feedback about the whole workflow.

Among the works I carried out while I was in New York, there was:

the layout, the sending in print in Italy, and the delivery in Venice of the book by Silvia and Marco. Extremely positive experience, with great satisfaction of the couple for their album “Designed in New York” …

Another work that I brought to fruition is the photographic reportage of Cécile and Nicolas’s wedding which took place on September 3, 2016 at the Castello della Castelluccia in Rome.

I found myself in New York when I received an email from the Cécile and Nicolas who live in London, asking me for information about my services. We did a couple of video conferences with Skype, and we agreed for the future of their event.

How did the work end? also this was a wonderful experience, you can read the article on the marriage of Cécile and Nicholas at this link.

The bride today wrote a review about me and looks pretty positive;) she says:

Girolamo completely exceeded our expectations, and both my husband and I were over the moon with the result. He was available before we were expecting from him (spontaneous shots or organized ones, or both). Being in the day, and being discreet and lovely with everyone. They are an incredible amount of photographs, all of stunning quality. The hardest thing now is the one to print and frame! I could not recommend Girolamo highly enough, his work and the professionalism of the highest possible standard. Thank you! Cécile & Nicholas

Another similar experience was in 2015, when I was in South Africa and I agreed with a couple who lives in China for their wedding that would take place in Umbria. Just today is their first wedding anniversary !! … 

It is not easy to keep working, taking new jobs and completing them regardless of the physical place you are in, but you can do it, and by using the internet well we can revolutionize any kind of work.

If you want to contact me, even if you are on the other side of the world … we can do it;) write me an email

I wait for you. Girolamo Monteleone