Castello della Castelluccia| Nicholas & Cecile

Lasciate che vi racconti una storia…La storia di Nicholas e di Cécile. Una storia d’amore e non solo, una storia di grandi amicizie lontane e vicine…

Cécile è francese, Nicholas è italiano ma entrambi vivono a Londra. Cécile e Nicholas hanno amici e familiari sparsi in 21 nazioni del mondo, come fare a riunire tutti in un solo posto? La città di Roma è stata scelta come punto di incontro e il Castello della Castelluccia è servito da cornice per condividere una giornata speciale.

La cerimonia civile è stata officiata da un loro amico proveniente dal Vietnam e ogni frase è stata tradotta simultaneamente in Italiano, Inglese e Francese. Per me è stato un onore partecipare al loro grande evento e poter raccontare tramite le mie foto la loro storia, i loro sentimenti e le loro amicizie.


ENGLISH – Let me tell you a story … The story of Nicholas and Cécile. A love story and not just a history of great distant friends and neighbors …

Cécile is French, Nicholas is Italian but both live in London. Cécile and Nicholas have friends and family spread out in 21 different countries of the world, how to bring together all in one place? Rome was chosen as a meeting point and Castello della Castelluccia served as a frame to share that special day.

The civil ceremony was officiated by their friend from Vietnam, and every sentence was simultaneously translated into Italian, English and French. For me it was an honor to participate at their special event and be able to tell through my pictures their story, their feelings and their friendships.


FRANÇAIS – Permettez-moi de vous raconter une histoire … L’histoire de Nicolas et Cécile. Une histoire d’amour et non pas seulement une histoire de grands amis et voisins éloignés …

Cécile est le français, Nicholas est italien mais les deux vivent à Londres. Cécile et Nicolas ont des amis et la famille répartis dans 21 pays du monde, comment réunir en un seul endroit? Rome a été choisi comme point de rencontre et Castello della Castelluccia a servi de cadre pour partager une journée spéciale.

La cérémonie civile a été présidée par leur ami du Vietnam, et chaque phrase a été traduite simultanément en italien, en anglais et en français. Ce fut pour moi un honneur de participer à leur grand événement et d’être en mesure de dire par ma photo de leur histoire, leurs sentiments et leurs amitiés.

Girolamo completely exceeded our expectations, and both my husband and I were over the moon with the result. He was available before our wedding to have conversations about what we wanted, what we were expecting from him (spontaneous shots or organised ones, or both). During the day he and his equally talented wife Barbara managed to capture every single important moment of the day, whilst being discreet and lovely with everyone. They delivered an incredible amount of photographs, all of stunning quality. The hardest thing now is to choose which one to print and frame! I couldn’t recommend Girolamo highly enough, his work and professionalism are of the highest possible standard. Thank you! Cécile & Nicholas 


Ci dedichiamo esclusivamente ad un limitato numero di coppie durante l'anno.