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“VALUE to your emotions with the photo report!”

  If you are looking for a REPORTAGE PHOTO in Rome …

My name is Girolamo Monteleone and have a professional photographer based in Rome, is specialized in photo shoots wedding reportage style.

I believe that marriage is one of the most important days of life, therefore, the basis of my working philosophy is not to create interference and constraints to the newlyweds.

This allows the couple to pull out their true feelings, and to me to capture images that describe real emotions and they leave an indelible mark in the hearts and minds.

Through a newspaper and a good dose of empathy my primary objective picture approach is to capture key moments, true feelings, you can tell your story and create a photographic record of the wedding so very personal and customized.


What is the wedding reportage

Wedding photojournalism, reportage wedding or wedding photo journalism is not a classic approach of the photographic wedding service. Born in the USA and has started to turn up especially since the ’80s.

How does it work
The photo journalist does not ask you to pose for photos, to you or your guests, but it will be mixed among the guests to faithfully capture the important moments, spontaneous expressions without pretense or coercion.

But then they will be pictures as they are?
No, the professional reporter has developed the ability to instantly grasp what is significant, and in addition to technical skills, the emotional component has its great importance. The good photojournalist living together marriage to the spouses with a strong empathy, in order to capture the feelings or even anticipate the expressions of feelings experienced that day.
This approach requires attention to the reporter and maximum involvement for the entire duration of the event.


The wedding day is special because you will remember all your life, remember the excitement, the tension, the joy shared with friends and relatives, riguarderai photos and riproverai the same feelings.

The photographer has an important role, it can empathize with the emotions of the day, catch them, help the couple to live well that day, or it can be a source of stress and tension.

The ability of the photographer to handle situations and direct the emotions in order to allow the couple to live with deep feelings the day of the wedding depends on his level of emotional intelligence.

Photographer with a high level of emotional intelligence will keep up the enthusiasm to create resonance in a natural and spontaneous way.

Since the first meeting will be important to generate with the couple a climate of enthusiasm, optimism, and passion, creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. The ability to listen and to consider the couple’s point of view will depend on the degree of the photographer’s empathy.


In order to photograph the emotions, you first have to know how to take pictures, of course. But knowing how to photograph alone is not enough. What else is necessary?

From my experience and from my studies I learned that to do an excellent job is not enough to be smart, skilled and experienced, having intellectual abilities and technical knowledge.

In the last ten years I have learned that the basis of the skills to do an excellent job there is our emotional state, our emotional intelligence, the way we behave towards ourselves and the way of dealing with others.

What makes the difference is our personal qualities such as initiative, empathy, the ability to adapt and communicate. Human skills are the ingredients needed to excel at work. All this has little to do with all that we have studied in school.

I firmly believe that emotional skills are more important than technical skills. Each of us has a personal profile with its strengths and its weaknesses. A good self-awareness allows you to work on your limits and good motivations may give the impetus to move towards excellence.

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  • “Quello che conta in una foto è la sua pienezza e la sua semplicità”. – Henri Cartier Bresson.

  • “Una fotografia deve portare con sé emozione, semplicità e

    deve avere una storia da raccontare. – Steve McCurry

  • A fantastic photographer – he did an amazing job of capturing a beautiful day for us. Thank you so much for these wonderful memories! – April

  • We received the pictures you took and they are AMAZING! Thank you so
    much for capturing our special day in such an incredible and unique
    way. Now we have these beautiful pictures to remind us of that perfect
    day in Rome. THANK YOU!! – Craig

  • Grazie per la tua professionalità, la tua bravura e la tua simpatia. Siamo davvero tanto felici di averti avuto accanto in una delle giornate più belle della nostra vita! – Giulia

  • Foto spontanee, che racchiudessero tutto l’amore del mondo, questo volevamo quando abbiamo scelto Girolamo Monteleone come foto reporter per il nostro matrimonio, ed è proprio questo che abbiamo ottenuto! – Chiara

  • …Girolamo è la persona giusta per chi ama le foto non posate, quelle spontanee, che nel rivederle vi faranno rivivere tutte le emozioni vissute il giorno del vostro matrimonio. Girolamo è una persona discreta, simpatica e professionale, che saprà mettere a proprio agio anche chi si imbarazza a stare davanti all’obiettivo… – Michele

  • Sceglierei Girolamo ancora 100 volte, il giorno del matrimonio è stato eccezionale, professionale e discreto al punto da essere praticamente invisibile e

  • quando ho ricevuto le foto ho scoperto la sua straordinaria capacità di essere sempre presente e pronto a cogliere non solo i momenti importanti ma

  • le emozioni che si nascondono nei gesti più piccoli e che durano solo una manciata di secondi….mi ha regalato ricordi bellissimi del mio matrimonio e non posso che consigliarlo a tutte!!! – Francesca

  • Ci siamo rivolti a Girolamo perchè volevamo delle foto in stile reportage, e i suoi lavori ci piacevano moltissimo. Il giorno delle nozze è stato puntualissimo, ci ha seguiti durante la giornata mettendoci subito a nostro agio: a volte nemmeno ci accorgevamo che ci fosse. Le foto sono semplicemente meravigliose. – Tiziana